Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump into and become part of your favorite book? Prepare yourself for a remarkable and immersive journey into the world of fully interactive eBooks, where pages and characters spring to life and leap off the page right before your eyes. Enter a place where you and your child can become part of the story, plunging you into a magical and wondrous adventure!

Welcome to Grids Interactive.

Flip: Interactive Storybook

The Truly Great Noodle

Surf Angel

Grids Interactive launches The Truly Great Noodle©: interactive e-book for the iPad
Are you a prospective investor who would like to be involved in one of our projects? Become part of the magical world of interactive book publishing by purchasing Grids Interactive StoryStocks™. You will help fund up to 10% of each of our books in exchange for a share of the profits. If you are interested in joining us to produce one of our next adventures or would like more information on this program, contact us at: storystocks@gridsinteractive.com
Do you have a great idea for an interactive storybook or already have a printed book you would like to bring to life but don’t know where to start? Let us know. We would love to hear about your idea or project and see if we can help you make it happen. Beyond our own projects, we are always eager to hear about other ideas and opportunities where we can serve as partners. Interactive books are just beginning to take root and will continue to expand rapidly—let us help you be a part of that future!
Contact us at: development@gridsinteractive.com

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